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We’ve heard it all before. "The résumé is your calling card. You have to market yourself." Yet when faced with a blank piece of paper or Word document in front of you, it can be a pretty daunting task. Your entire professional life - summarized and reduced to one or two pages. Where do you begin?

The question is…are you a good self-marketer? Résumés are a bit like online dating profiles. If you are great at writing about your personal attributes, there is no doubt you can create a very effective “social résumé” and make new connections. However, if you are the modest and unassuming type or just plain short on time and patience, you may enlist a friend to help you. Your friend, no doubt will glean and accentuate characteristics which may elude you on the social front. Some people kick it up a notch and hire a professional to create a profile and get it circulated by matchmakers.

The same concept applies to a résumé. If you have an eye toward self promotion, you will do a fantastic job. If you decide to seek assistance, the professional résumé writer will be your advocate. Your best skills will be promoted so that your résumé captures the attention of recruiters (so-called "employement matchmakers") and direct hiring managers. Remember, the key is to be objective. If you are too close to the situation or not in a positive frame of mind, you may miss some of your critical skills and abilities. Such oversights could cost you that dream job.


* Employers throw away most of the résumés they receive in a matter of seconds. The tiniest mistake on a résumé is turned into their best screen-out device.

* Listing years on your résumé could work against you.

* The average time hiring managers spend reviewing a résumé is about 20 seconds.

* The average person takes at least 5 to 8 hours to produce his/her own resume. How much does that translate to in actual dollars? How can your time be better spent? Making new connections? Generating new job leads?

It is a competitive market out there. One needs every possible advantage to get to the top of the pile. That’s where we come in. We are dedicated to helping professionals differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. We help clients in a wide variety of fields identify and communicate their credentials and value on paper, online and in person.

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