Welcome to the Artful Resumes Research Center!

So, you have a great resume in progress and a list of viable, sustainable companies with services and products that are in demand, and you want to apply. You are pretty excited about your career options! Congratulations!

It is time to do some research on the company to prepare for your interviews. What do you know about the company? Is the management team made up of established professionals with experience? Is the company solvent? Is it on any stock exchanges? Have they filed for Chapter 11? Companies come and go. It is important to perform your due diligence before making a commitment to work for them. This is also HIGHLY necessary information for your interview preparation.

A key factor in evaluating the solvency of a company and quality of a product is justifying the need in the marketplace. Knowing about the industry sector of your prospective company also helps you to make a more informed decision. If you decide join the company, being armed with this knowledge will make you very credible to your prospective managers and colleagues.

This Research Center is intended to take out some of the legwork for researching a company of interest. On the following pages are some resources which will be useful to you when you are researching an opportunity.

The FIRST thing you do is check the out Better Business Bureau for complaints and resolutions and to see if the company is a satisfactory status. If it passes muster, then continue your research to answer these questions:

• Who is this company anyway?
• Is it reputable?
• Who is the management team?
• How long have they been in business?
• Does it have steady financials (solvency)?
• What is the credit history?
• Is there a need in the marketplace?
• Who are their competitors?
• What is their product? Their business lines? Their industry?

We will step through the different kinds of resources that are most useful for you to get the answers you need to supplement your excellent resume with an articulate and intelligent interview.

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