Financial Resources

Financial Resources

These resources are intended more for public companies, because they are required to file reports with the US government. Reports that might be of interest to you are:


  • Annual Shareholder Report – a public company’s annual reports
  • 10-K Report – a public company’s quarterly report
  • Company Prospectus – the literature that has to be disclosed to all potential stockholders


We personally find the quarterly earnings calls very valuable. Industry and stock analysts pummel the CFO, CEO and other senior management with questions. Not every company streams them on their websites, but you can contact their Investor Relations department to find out.




EDGAR – SEC filings in real-time




Morningstar, Inc.




Standard & Poor’s


Worldwide Listing of Stock Exchanges


Industry Analyst reports


MSN Money


Yahoo! Finance real-time and historical data


Foreign Company Financials


Global Company Handbook, CIFAR, - contains information and financials on about 10,000 organizations


Moody’s International Manual – contains company profiles, management teams, locations, products, income statements and balance sheet data at the global not the US level.

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